Friday, April 07, 2006

Some Things Just Speak for Themselves

Testimony Adds New Element to Probe of CIA Leak

September, 2003
"Let me just say something about leaks in Washington," Bush told reporters in September 2003. "There are too many leaks of classified information in Washington. There's leaks at the executive branch, there's leaks in the legislative branch, there's just too many leaks.... and if there's a leak out of the administration, I want to know who it is. And if a person has violated law, the person will be taken care of."

Libby Says Bush OK'd Leaks, Filing Alleges - Yahoo! News

April, 2006
WASHINGTON - I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby apparently had serious qualms about leaking classified intelligence to the press, but he was quickly persuaded to drop them. There was pressure from his boss, Vice President, Dick Cheney, who advised him that the president had authorized Libby to do so. End of discussion.

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Tom said...

Now write the poem.

"I hate people. I especially hate people who do bad things for money and then
have the nerve to call it "religious."