Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Ask

What started out last Friday as a much anticipated 4 day weekend in The Outer Banks of North Carolina ended up an 18 hour drive and a 2 day stay in Indiana.

Don't ask.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's Calling Who What?

Mike raised an interesting point in an earlier thread that I'd like to take a quick minute to address.

He asked me how I, as a "typical liberal" (although how he thinks he knows me well enough to know what I am is a little puzzing) asked how it felt being called a Nazi for expressing an opinion. He then correlated his (not really) calling me a Nazi with how the Obama-adoring media like to characterize peaceful citizens with concerns as Nazis and hate mongers.

I Figure I could go on and on in response but since a picture's worth a thousand words I'd save my tired fingers about 10 thousand key strokes:

Seen at Town Hall Protests:

I could go on and on about who's calling who what - but well, you get the picture.

Joe (Cry-Liar) Wilson - Lies!!!

At last Thursday's press conference Joe Wilson said the following:

We need to be discussing issues specifically to help the American people. And that would not include illegal aliens, these are people-- I'm for immigration, legal immigration, I've been an immigration attorney. But people who have come to our country and violated laws, we should not be providing full health care services.

According to his web site, however, Joe's a real estate attorney by trade, who helped found the West Columbia law firm Kirkland, Wilson, Moore, Taylor & Thomas, before entering Congress in 2001. He also has served as a Staff Judge Advocate with the South Carolina Army National Guard.

A lawyer familiar with Joe said the following: "Joe has never been anything but a real-estate attorney."

In fact, no one familiar with The South Carolina Bar Association has any knowledge of Joe ever having worked as an immigration attorney.

What's more, according to an extensive search of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association membership database, no one from South Carolina by the name Joe Wilson or Addison Wilson has ever been a member.

Go figure!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Third Time's The Charm?

2nd Rewrite

Fragility's the curse of age:
weak stick-like arms, quick flashing rage,
slow shuffling feet, lethargic brain.
Beloved pleasures become strain:
to read each word, to turn each page.

You leave your room to find the cage
confining you is safety's gauge.
Frail spinal bones rasp one refrain,

The hands won't grasp, nor fists engage.
You're battling the seventh stage
with parchment skin atop gnarled vein
while jars and tight lids mock your pain
until there's nothing to assuage

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fragility -Version 2

Fragility - V2

Fragility's the curse of age;
fine-tremored hands, impendent rage,
slow shuffling feet, lethargic brain.
Beloved pleasures become strain;
to read each word, to turn each page.

You leave your room to find the cage
that once confined is safety's gauge.
Decaying bones grate one refrain,

The legs can't kick, nor fists engage,
you're pushing back the seventh stage
with parchment covered gnarled vein.
Dropped pills, steep bathtubs mock your pain.
Your memories alone assuage



Fragility's the curse of age -
unsteady hands that shake with rage,
slow moving feet, decaying brain
Simple pleasures are a strain -
to read fine print, to turn the page.

You leave the house to find the cage
that once confined is safety's gauge.
Old bones rattle one refrain,

The arms cant lift, nor mind engage,
you're staring down the seventh stage
with parchment skin and gnarled vein.
Bedroom mirrors mock your pain.
There's nothing left that can assuage