Friday, April 21, 2006

A List of "Things"

  • Something I am (unsuccessfully) trying not to form an opinion on

  • Something I am (also unsuccessfully) trying not to worry about

  • Something I honestly don't give a damn about

  • A woman I'd like to be

  • A woman I'm glad I'm not

  • Things I see every day

  • Things I miss seeing every day

  • Something Steve Schroeder let me help him with that I enjoyed doing yesterday

  • Something I already did for myself today that I did not enjoy

  • My boyfriend's reunion trip which I am anticipating nervously

  • My son's wedding which I am anticipating joyously

  • What I really should be doing as soon as I am done posting this:

  • What I'm much more likely to be doing as soon as I am done posting this

    shann said...

    I LOVE Brini Maxwell!!!

    I also need to vacuum- and take down my Christmas tree.

    Your list makes me thinl I should make one, too.

    Lo said...

    Lists are good. I like lists. I especially like "to-do" lists. I think I have at least 3 of them on the refrigerator....I think they're underneath the card which say I have a doctor's appointment on June 3rd....1999.

    Forget the tree....make a list instead - in a few months you can hang firecrackers from it and call it an Independence Day Tree.

    YAY Lists!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Mine would just say "KFC."

    God I'm lazy.

    Michelle e o said...

    Lo - ha! great list. I enjoyed. Right at this very moment my list says: pack backpack, start hitch hiking, cross country.