Thursday, April 20, 2006




If anybody asks me, I have new heroes. My new heroes are fairly ordinary folks...who just happen to ride motorcycles when they aren't leading the same ordinary lives that we all live and who happen to believe that grieving families should have some privacy and some dignity and that if they need protection to get these things they'll be there for them. My heroes call themselves
  • and just yesterday they made a horrible time in life a little easier for the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Philip J. Martini in Lansing, Illinois.

    I thank them, personally on behalf of my niece and her friends who were there to pay their last respects to a good friend, and, on a larger scale, on behalf of all of us, regardless of our views on the war in Iraq, who want and deserve to bury our dead in peace and privacy.

    God bless you, Bikers, every one.


    Julie Carter said...

    Lo, was it those Phelps monsters?

    Yay for bikers!


    Lo said...
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    Lo said...

    Julie, yep, unfortunately it was. Morons that they are, I didn't want to use their name because I refuse to be part of anything which gives them free publicity.

    How COULD they, yanno? They are using their God as an excuse and someone else's dead children as their means to publically rail against what they (and only they) regard as "sin."

    Funny thing about it (if there can be a funny thing about it) is that they just show up unannounced, uninvited and unwanted while the bikers politely ask permission.

    What gives me hope that there is still hope for America is that there were SIX of them and several hundred of the bikers.

    YAY Bikers, indeed!!