Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Save Chippy!!!

Save Chippy from the garbage heap -
or worse - the fireplace.
He's very small and very sweet
he won't take up much space.

He's got Pinnoccho's old nose
atop an impish grin.
To let him burn in hell would be
a most disgusting sin.

He'll brighten up your every room
he'll bring your children joy
A hand-carved puppet's flesh and blood -
unlike a store-bought toy.

He'll move his arms and legs for you -
poor little wooden waif
So scoop him up and bring him home -
Keep Chippy sound - and safe.

Chippy can be found here:


Tom said...

Can I put it on the ebay page?

Lo said...

Of my guest. :)

Anonymous said...

I too attempted an e-bay poem once... the guy didn't like my "aunties/panties" line.