Sunday, April 16, 2006

Annie Finch + Nine

This has been a good week for finding new blogs. I've added ten new blog-sites to the sidebar and just to call them to your attention, I'm going to list them here, as well.

  • Annie Finch
  • has started blogging....always a good thing. Annie is one of my favorite living formalists and I, for one, am quite excited to be able to read not only her poetry but also whatever else she's going to have to say.

    I found
  • Anne Boyer
  • Josh Corey
  • Jessica Smith
  • and
  • Craig Teicher
  • through the lively "discussion" on male/female bloggers.

    I've also added
  • Out of the Woodwork by Brian Campbell
  • Bill Knott's new blog
  • and a blog by
  • Tad Richards
  • . All are enjoyable. All are well-written.

    Finally, I've also linked to
  • ~~WOMB~~
  • and
  • Formalista

  • which are basically two woman's poetry site with lots of good information for both women AND men.

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    michi said...

    hello there, enjoyed reading your blog - my first visit today. if it's okay with you, i'll link it to mine -