Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kitten Corpse Sold

I knew it. I even said I knew it. I said it right here back on January 11. 2006:
Terminal Chaosity: "Holoprosencephaly"
She may not have sold it on E-Bay, but sell it she did.

I hate people. I especially hate people who do bad things for money and then
have the nerve to call it "religious."

AOL News - Corpse of One-Eyed Kitten to Go on Display
Corpse of One-Eyed Kitten to Go on Display
GRANBY, N.Y. (April 5) - The one-eyed, noseless kitten that inspired an
international debate last year over whether it was a hoax is coming to a
new museum of oddities in central New York.
The museum founder, who believes in creationism, said the kitten is
meant to launch another debate about how science and religion intersect.
The Oregon woman who owned the kitten said she turned down Ripley's
Believe it or Not! and sold the remains to John Adolfi of Granby
because she liked his religious reasons for wanting them.
"We didn't want Cy becoming a joke or part of a personal collection,"
Traci Allen said. "But John was so heartfelt, you could tell he was
genuine and sincere."
Adolfi would not say how much he paid for the kitten, named Cy,
for Cyclops. He said he plans to have it embalmed Wednesday
at a local funeral home.
The kitten died in December, a day after being born. Veterinarians in
Oregon said it suffered from a rare disorder called holoprosencephaly.
Cy will be displayed in a glass jar in the Lost World Museum,
which Adolfi hopes to open in nearby Phoenix this fall.
Other exhibits will include giant plants and eggs,
deformed animal remains and archaeological finds, Adolfi said.
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