Friday, March 31, 2006

Where Where These When I Was On the Street?

AOL News - City Uses Enlarged Ambulance to Handle Obese Patients

"The company recently put into service a $250,000 bariatric ambulance, which looks like its other 80 ambulances, but is extra-wide and has a larger gurney, a winch and ramps capable of loading up to 1,600 pounds.
Clark County spokesman Bob Leinbach called the need for the larger ambulances obvious.
"If you don't think it's needed, all you have to do is look around," Leinbach said. "Americans are heavier."
The county's other ambulance provider is awaiting delivery of a bariatric ambulance and recently bought four electric gurneys capable of handling patients weighing up to 750 pounds, said Matthew Cox, a spokesman for MedicWest Ambulance.
"There's less stress on the paramedics' backs and it's a better stabilizer for the patient," Cox said."

Amen......There's a reason I had to have 6 1/2 hours of spinal surgery that left me with very little feeling in my left leg and foot......this would be a big part of that reason.

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