Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bush and Blair and Plots and Ploys (or Where Oh Where Will That Pilot Come From?)


(excerpt from linked article)
Discussing Provocation
Without much elaboration, the memo also says the president raised three possible ways of provoking a confrontation. Since they were first reported last month, neither the White House nor the British government has discussed them.
"The U.S. was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in U.N. colours," the memo says, attributing the idea to Mr. Bush. "If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach."
It also described the president as saying, "The U.S. might be able to bring out a defector who could give a public presentation about Saddam's W.M.D," referring to weapons of mass destruction.
A brief clause in the memo refers to a third possibility, mentioned by Mr. Bush, a proposal to assassinate Saddam Hussein. The memo does not indicate how Mr. Blair responded to the idea.

Ok....so these are my questions -

1. Isn't assassination illegal?
2. Aren't presidents liable for illegal acts under the law? (Never mind, I already know the answer to that one)
3. If we HAD painted a reconnaissance aircraft in U.N. colors, who were we going to get to FLY this aircraft while hoping it got shot out of the sky? Last I knew, the United States didn't HAVE suicide bombers on staff.
4. Where was this alleged "defector" supposed to come from? And how were "we" supposed to "find" him? And what W.M.D.'s was he supposed to report on - seeing as how there were none?
5. How many lies does a president have to tell before he gets called out on them?

I talked to my 82 year old aunt on the phone yesterday. She's a sweetheart who remembers more than I've ever known. Due to a physical disability she's bedridden and in a nursing home but her mind is as sharp as most 25 years olds - maybe sharper since she's got time and experience to back her up. In the course of the conversation she said to me, "You know, Laura, your Uncle John and I have been Republicans for all of our lives. I've never missed an election and I've always voted a straight ticket - but this Bush guy, he sucks, doesn't he?" and then she giggled and apologized for using the word "suck."

I figure if an 82 year old bedridden Republican woman from a small town in Indiana knows, we should all know.

So how come we don't?

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