Saturday, March 11, 2006

Going Out Of Hope Sale

"Catholic Charities stuns state, ends adoptions "

Well damn - talk about "washing your hands" of the whole thing.

For 103 years, Catholic Charities of Boston has always been the one consistent ray of hope for hard-to-place, orphaned and/or abandoned Catholic foster children in the Boston area as well as for the responsible birth parents who understand (for whatever reason) that they are ill-equipped to raise a child but are deeply concerned that their child be given the best possible chance at a good home with strongly committed Catholic parents.

Apparently the good Bishops of Mass. have summarily overridden the lay board of The Catholic Charities of Boston, thrown a self-righteous, pseudo-religious hissy fit, cut off their children to spite their gays, and decreed that they will no longer be in the business of providing hope to orphans, their birth parents, any of their wanna-be-parents, or to society in general if it means they must also provide hope to a small group of prospective adoptive (and gasp!) homosexual parents as well.

Why does John 8:7 come to mind? You know the one. It starts out with "Let he who is..." and ends with "...cast the first stone." Maybe it's too old to be of any value in today's modern world....maybe it only applies to Pharisees and not to bishops....maybe people ought to clean their own house before they go passing judgement on the cleanliness of others....oh wait, that brings us right back to the aforementioned and probably outdated John 8 again, doesn't it? When will I ever learn?

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