Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain Wants to "Turn The Page" - Shill, Baby, Shill

``We are very well-funded, and we are looking for a very aggressive last 30 days,'' senior McCain adviser Greg Strimple told reporters yesterday. ``We're looking to turning the page on this financial crisis and getting back to discussing Mr. Obama's liberal, aggressively liberal record and how he will be too risky for the Americans.''


When the stock market is crashing, when their beloved Joe Six-Packers are losing their family homes in numbers never before witnessed and all those revered soccer moms are starting to worry about how to feed their children, never mind how to pay for soccer camp, they suddenly decide they want to "TURN THE PAGE ON THIS FINANCIAL CRISIS"and talk about how some passing acquaintance who never even went to court over his alleged wrong-doings much less get convicted of them might or might not be connected in the slimmest of ways to Barak Obama???

And they call Obama's past behaviour "risky?"

Turning the page, and your back, on a financial crisis which threatens to overtake your own country as well as many of the other countries in the world in order to "discuss" a slim connection between a radical 60's type person and a presidential candidate hardly seems unrisky to me.

It sounds desperate....and the American people are in too desperate an economic situation-not-of-their-own-making to be dissed in such a manner. The last thing they need at this particular point in time is a man with his own desperate need to be king running off at the mouth and trying to turn the page on a very real crisis in a lame attempt to avoid admitting he has no valid solution to this financial crisis he's already had years to head-off/contribute to. It's hardly prime time to hold a conversation about a $200 campaign contribution made in a 2002 election - in fact it's a sub-prime discussion all the way around. You don't turn the page on a current half-trillion dollar-and-rapidly-rising USA deficit to drag up a 6 year old Chicago coffee-clach and a $200 campaign contribution. That's not "change" that's Standard Republican Swift-Boating Politics as usual - and what's more, it's just plain insulting - all more so because it's coming from a man who was investigated and cited for "poor judgement" by the Senate's Ethics Committee for participating in two meetings with banking regulators on behalf of Charles Keating. Keating, a friend, campaign contributor ($112,000 in contributions, to be exact - which is $111,800 more than the damning $200.00 contribution that Sarah is shrilling about) and savings and loan owner who was later convicted of securities fraud.

This is the same John McCain, who just last month when the whole house of cards began tumbling down, assured us that "our economy is fundamentally strong" and who has said repeatedly in the past that "economics are not his strong suit" and is, boy-golly, sure proving it, isn't he? Turning back the page isn't important anymore - We've all got pages people could turn back to - McCain and Palin included. The American people are better than that. We've seen the past, we've lived the past, and, for the most part, we've put the past behind us - we're worried about the future. We'd like a president and vice president who understand that - and ones who at least grant us the courtesy of pretending to share our concern. Too bad for McCain that he hasn't seemed to grasp the fact that he can't suspend the financial crisis to hold a discussion about bullshit as easily as he suspended his campaign to "help" draft and pass an unpopular rescue plan which somehow, somehow ended up chock-full of the very same kind of pork packages he's based his reputation on fighting against.

Someone needs to tell him we're not buying it - we're not buying anything - we can't afford to. And someone needs to tell Sarah Palin that it's just not a good time to "Shill, baby, Shill."

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Eric Valentine said...

Very good post and I couldn't agree with you more.. I'm thankful I am in another country, having said that, we have an idiot at the helm also.

I just hope the rest of the folks can see it that way come vote time in 12 days here... Grrrrrr