Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Don't Lie, Don't MudSling, Don't Change the Subject and Most of All, Don't Call Me "My Friend"

I admit it - I'm a Beltway-Junkie. And even I'm nauseated just thinking about tonight's debate.

I'm trying to believe that Sarah's not really ok with people yelling "Kill him" as she exhorts her crowds to see Barak Obama as a terrorist - I'm trying to to believe that the Florida sherrif whom announced her didn't deliberately refer to Obama as "Barak Hussian Obama" making it possible for Sarah to segue directly into her terrorist pal accusation.

These people need to get real - and I don't mean "By golly, God Bless Ya', Joe SixPack" kind of "real," either. I mean they need to touch base with honest-to-God reality - OUR reality. The one that sucks right now. The one where people are losing their pensions, their life savings, their homes, their jobs, their dignity - and most of all - their hope.

For many Americans this election is starting to represent not only their last hope but their only hope. They seriously deserve the right to make an honest choice based on truth and logic and common sense - and not be subjected to bogus accusations, irrational fear-mongering and childish name-calling in lieu of the former. They don't need the subject changed when and if it becomes uncomfortable or when the candidate doesn't know the answer, they don't need baldfaced lies, they don't need old rumors rehashed, and they don't need phony and/or pointless promises. They need - and deserve - truthful and thoughtful answers to their questions.

And I don't want to hear anyone - Republican or Democrat - patronizingly referring to the audience as "My Friends."

We don't need friends in Washington, we've got friends right here at home, we don't need drinking buddies or soccer moms or Joe SixPack in Washington, we've got all those things right here in our own neighborhoods, what we want in Washington, what we need in Washington, what we've been so sadly lacking for the past 8 years in Washington is a leader. Preferably one with compassion, integrity and intelligence.

And THAT'S what we'll be looking for tonight - we're smart enough to know we deserve nothing less - nor will we vote for it.

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