Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Campbell Brown Gets Bullishly Biased

Today Campbell Brown came out swinging - insisting that Barack Obama broke his promise not to take federal campaign funds.

The fact is, there was no "promise." What existed was a pledge which Obama signed (although no one else, including John McCain ever bothered filling out) and which agreed to pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve the public financing system. Obama contacted McCain way back in the beginning - before funding was decided upon - to invite him to discuss the acceptance of such funds. McCain never returned the call.

Sometimes rudeness really is it's own reward.

I've always liked Ms. Brown but that's two in row for her. Last Monday she was indignantly insisting that "diva" was a sexist remark and that the word itself meant an ambitious or successful woman.

Agreed, "diva" is sexist. However, it does not now, nor did it ever, mean "ambitious" or "successful." A diva may very well be successful and ambitious but it's the way in which she pursues her ambition and enjoys her success which gives meaning to the phrase. A diva is difficult, a diva is rude, a diva cares nothing for those other than herself, a diva is ruthless and cunning and petulant. One can be successful as hell and still not be any of those things. If fact, most people would prefer their ambitiously successful ones not to be any of those things.

The RNC included, apparently.

It is biased and bull to complain about a word being used when one apparently does not understand the meaning of the word they are complaining about.

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