Friday, October 03, 2008

Is It Really "Joe Six-Pack's" Election?

Consider this: There are more women voting than men. The percentage of people who vote rises in direct correlation with the amount of education they have. Less than 50% of people with high school educations vote in elections. More than 80% of people with a bachelor's degree or better vote in elections. Blacks and Hispanics make up a very large block of The U. S. voting population. United States citizens of Asian descent make up 4% of the population - the majority of them vote.

Maybe, if Sarah Palin truly wants to reach the entirety of the "middle class," she should spend a little more time learning that this country is made up of much more than the stereotypical {and faintly insulting) "Joe Six-Pack" who lives in her isolated little neighborhood and eats moose burgers with her and her family. Maybe she would do well to start recognizing that Joe, for all his sudden popularity, is not the only person with a vested interest in this year's presidential election - nor is he necessarily the one she needs to impress.

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