Saturday, October 04, 2008

Anticipated TrooperGate Verdict? The Expectations Are Set Low and the Explanation's Already Offered

If this unconstitutional and unlawful investigation is allowed to continue, is completed, and if the resulting report is released as planned, Plaintiffs and Alaskans in general will suffer irreparable harm," lawyers for the Liberty Legal Foundation told the Alaska Supreme Court.

The Texas-based conservative group is representing Republican legislators who support Palin and are asking the Alaska Supreme Court to shut down the probe, which they call "biased."

Apparently Sarah's people don't have much confidence that she'll be found innocent, do they? Whatever happened to the "we welcome the investigation and we will cooperate fully with officials" initial response of Palin and McCain to the same investigation when it began back in August - even before Sarah was named VP candidate? It's the same people holding the investigation - why the sudden loss of trust and cooperation on the part of McCain, Palin and the rest of her people?

Or is changing your mind and refusing to cooperate with local, state or federal officials just something those gosh-darn Mavericks do?

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