Monday, January 16, 2006

Ekphrastic Poetry

Recently Rob MacKenzie posted an Ekphrastic Italian Sonnet that he'd written for a contest. (
Got me thinking about the one and only time I attempted such a thing. I've got no eye for art, so it's not something I would or could do very often. In fact, I think the one time I did it was one time enough for me.
I have to admit, it was fun, tho. Made me think and thinking is almost never bad. If you're thinking, you can't be getting into trouble.

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Rob Mackenzie said...

I took down the sonnet (but left the painting up). The competition rules didn't say even that previously published poems were inelligible, but I never like to chance these things.

I have no eye for art either. I can't draw or paint and have never written an ekphrastic piece before, but the painting did spark off an idea, so I can't complain.