Sunday, January 08, 2006

....And Besides, That Wench is Dead

When I first saw this:

 Impeach PAC

posted here: I was a bit much as I hate Bush's politics, as much as I feel he is both personally and politically responsible for sending my son's friends off to a war basd on outright deceit and tricky rhetoric, as much as I feel he is both personally and politically connected to the current Abramoff and Delay debacles, as much as I feel he has repeatedly and deliberately lied to us, used us, mocked us, trampled our rights in the process of abusing his own privileges, and as much as he's run roughshod over our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it still seemed like such a big step - and such a serious one.

But now, a scant 12 hours later, I'm trying to decide if I want to add it as a permanent fixture on the blog.

It seems like such a big step, yanno? And it completes my metamorphosis from Naive Midwestern Featherhead to Opinionated Washingtonian Bitch.

Back in good ole '99 I was positive that Clinton should be impeached...not for soiling the dress of a virtual child (altho that played a part in my belief) but for the unforgivable (in my book) sin of lying. I thought Hillary was a moron (I'm still not sure she isn't) for forgiving him and I was sure that one lie, just ONE lie, was more than enough reason to throw someone out of office. I was of the mind-set which said, "If you'll lie to your wife, you'll lie to your country." I've since changed that particular view, although personally, were he MY husband, I'd still be cracking him upside the head with a frying pan.

So now I am unsure why I've not jumped on the "Impeach Bush" bandwagon long before this particular moment. Maybe I'm smarter now....maybe I realize all things are not black and white. Maybe I'm more politically savvy and more accepting of liars and thieves now that I'm actually living here in the nation's capitol. Maybe I'm jaded - maybe after weathering countless Bush-induced scandals I've grown accustomed to bullshit happening. Maybe I'm just too burnt-out to care as much as I did back in 1999. Maybe - given the current climate of unfettered wire-tapping and quasi-legal "secret investigations" - maybe I'm even a little bit afraid to speak up.

Me, the chicklet who routinely stood on burning rooftops - the one who was almost always first to volunteer to climb into the back seat of an overturned automobile in a rainstorm while live-wires sparked beneath the hood - the absolute bitch who lost her temper and walked up to a cackling crying crack-head and took a gun out of his hand because she didn't "have time to play around with this bullshit all night" - the 105 pound girl who never backed down and who seldom lost when involved in hand-wrestling 250 pound alcoholics in the back of her ambulance - that same insane woman is now, suddenly, after all these years, afraid.

And that's the real commentary, isn't it?


Julie Carter said...

I'm afraid, too, and that pisses me the hell off. Not afraid of terrorists or the Bushes, just afraid for the country, afraid for the world I guess.

We just seem to be backsliding. I could blame the governments, but what about all the citizens who just go along with it, baa'ing? No change in government is going to change those folks.

I honestly think Bush is a symptom, not a disease. I don't like him, but I don't know that impeachment helps. I think the populace as a whole has to wake up, and impeachment won't be an alarm clock. It will just be seen as another "partisan attack" and the heels will dig in harder.

PS: Damn! You could kick some ass back in the day, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Response to a response:

Julie, it's all seen as "just more partisan etc. etc. etc." I saw the Clinton impeachment exactly that way, until the drumbeat became too loud to ignore. The thing is, we SHOULD have ignored that one... but enough drumbeat on one side always sways the rank and file of the other, it appears, and the Republicans always have less concern for decorum (or for that matter, truth,) than the Dems.

We've all seen it a thousand times, and somehow forget: Democrats get a little action, and we're talking about a stained dress. Republicans get a little action, and we're talking about thousands of dead, big reversals in our constitutional fortunes, or, as in this case, both.

Delay hasn't surprised me at all. Nor has Abramoff. But neither did Clinton. What surprises me is that we do not vote based on the kind and degree of sleaze, given that the sleaze itself is ubiquitous throughout electoral politics.

And hey, how come nobody is suggesting that W is cheating up a blue streak on Laura? How come "If he lied to his country, he'll like to his wife" is not a logical corollary?

I suspect it's because the argument was a crock in the first place. These are two different types of sleazebags.

I think I would rather have Bush at my barbeque talking to my wife. I'm pretty sure I'd also rather have Clinton (or even Weird Al Gore) in office.


Lo said...

Thanks, Julie and Dan.

Interesting theory about the barbeque, Dan. I'm not sure I'd want either Bush OR Clinton at a backyard party, but that's ok...we don't have a backyard, anyhow.

Julie Carter said...

I have a backyard but it's pretty weedy. Bush could clear some brush. :D