Monday, January 23, 2006

Dan's Dream - Un-materialized

Well, the weekend's over....and seeing as how the woman above did not materialize (Sorry, Dan) I am about to don MY work clothes, which consists of an old ratty robe and a head band, and start the Monday morning clean-up. Not that I'm complaining, mind sure beats the hell out of putting on scrubs and wrapping a stethoscope around my neck and taking off for a 12 hour shift in the ER. I'm loving the "unliberated" life.

The weekend was good.....we sniped, we slept, we ate cheese curls and we halfheartedly watched football. All of "our" teams are out of it.....New England, Chicago, Indianapolis, Washington - they all managed to lose.....I've decided to root for Pittsburgh, tho....Dan and I spent a considerable amount of time there for a few was the "half-way" point between Indiana where I lived and Washington DC where he lived. Every two months or so, instead of flying, we would each drive up (down?) to Pitts and meet at a delightful Comfort Inn with a hot tub IN the room and we'd hole up there for a weekend.

I did get a phone call this of those 3AM calls that makes a parent's heart skip about a thousand beats. I was sound asleep when the cell phone rang, scaring me half to death. The only people with the cell number are the kids....and 3AM just CAN'T be good. Turned out it was, tho. Middle son is back from Oregon and spending a week in Indiana. He and oldest son (Chicago) and youngest son (Indiana) and all their assorted wives, fiancees and girlfriends met up and went to Bourbon Street. According to oldest son, they were just sitting around talking about "old times" and my name just happened to come up. So they decided to call me and say hello. (1 out of three children called the next day to apologize and to assure me that all the females in the group had unsuccessfully tried to veto the call) It was wonderful hearing from them all. Not that I don't hear from them individually, but collectively....well, it was great. I wish I could have been there, but somehow, I think they had more fun this time without me. Middle son's wedding is in May, so I'll see them all in Oregon soon enough. I can't wait. Part of being a parent is wanting your kids to grow up strong, healthy, independent and happy......part of being a parent is being a whole lot selfish and feeling just a little bit sad when they do because it means you are no longer a necessary part of their life.

They think about me when they are drunk on their butts at 3 in the morning, tho.....can't beat that for Irish-son devotion. I guilted them right, apparently. :)

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