Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ahhh, Sweet Submissions

I finally got down to work today and spent the morning reformatting and sending out a few things. I go through stages and most of those stages are lazy.

I did manage to get some things off today, tho. At this point, I figure if I can't write, I may as well submit what has already been written.

I've sent 5 poems each from Dan and myself to "Fourteen" ( in jolly ole England. I've never been published anywhere but in the United States, so that would be fun. I also like that they accept previously published material. Might as well get the most out of a poem. It's not like I write alot of them.

I also went a bit overboard and send the required six ( oh, too funny....Freud and I typo-ed "sex" - but I caught it in time) poems and bio to "Joaquin Miller's Cabin Poetry Series" in Silver Spring, Maryland. It's a reading series held in Rock Creek Park which has been been given every June and July for the last 31 years. I've never read aloud...I've never even attended a reading, so I am already wondering what on earth possessed me to send them anything. I sent for Dan, also, and as much as I hope I DON'T make the cut, I hope he does. He's got terrific presence and a wonderful, wonderful deep and powerfully commanding voice. It's the kind of voice that's made for reading out loud. My secret vice and my most favorite thing in the world is when he takes pity on my poor physically sick or mentally distressed self and reads to me. I don't even care what he reads...he could be reading Betty Crocker for all I's his voice alone that does me in.

We'll see what happens. If nothing else, at least I accomplished that much today.


Tom said...


Interesting post. So much is in the voice.

"Every breathing creature with eyes and mouth, near and far,
and means to walk, wants to talk.
From primal screech to erudite speech, your voice says who you are." (from an old poem of mine.)

Michelle e o said...

Good luck Lo

Usernamelost said...

Good Luck Lo! It would be good for you to read in public. Ask Dan to record it.

Usernamelost said...
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