Monday, September 08, 2008

Community Organizers - So Which Is It ?

I'm confused.

Are community organizer's some of the "best and smartest" Anerica has to offer or are they inexperienced and without responsibility?

Senator McCain appears to be flip-flopping around like a wounded moose again.

The most recent about-face took place in a Face the Nation interview when John McCain vowed that he will appoint Democrats to his cabinet if elected.

"It's going to be the best people in America, the smartest people in America," McCain said. "So many of these problems we face -- for example, energy independence -- what's partisan about that?"

He said he'll also ask some members of his Cabinet "to work for a dollar a year. They've made enough money. But I'll also ask people who have struggled out there in the trenches to help people, to volunteer in their communities, who understand these problems at that level, which obviously is lost on a lot of -- a lot -- a big segment of Washington."

Who was that lost on again, Mr. McCain? Your Washington or the other guy's Washington? Or was it your Washington last week and someone else's this week?

I am also impressed with the symbolic dollar a year salary for Cabinet members who've "made enough money." THe reason I am especially impressed is because this is coming from a man whose wife is a multi-millionaire, whose own Senate salary and book royalities in 2007 were $258,800, and who is "unsure of how many houses he owns, (the answer is 8) and still collects a cool $58,000 yearly in untaxed income (from the very government he wants to change) as disability pension.

Any plans to return the presidential salary should you get it? Or at least give up the disability pension in the hopes that one or two of those 400 homeless Iraq vets who really needs it can be fit into the budget next year?

How much is "made enough," Senator McCain?

Or does that bring us back to the magic 5 million again?

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