Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock Fish and Sea Crabs and Grizzlies, McCain!!

If you've heard Sen. John McCain's stump speech you've surely heard him talk about grizzly bears. The federal government, he declares with horror and astonishment, has spent $3 million to study grizzly bear DNA. "I don't know if it was a paternity issue or criminal," he jokes, "but it was a waste of money."

A McCain campaign commercial also tweaks the bear research: "Three million to study the DNA of bears in Montana. Unbelievable."

Ok, so we know how he feels about wasting 3 million dollars of the taxpayer's money on Montana grizzly bears - I wonder how he feels about 4 million dollar Alaskan sea crabs and 2 million dollar Alaskan rock fish - to say nothing of $8 million to "improve" a former Alaskan Navy airfield which handles 8 scheduled flights a month?

To quote Senator McCain - not about the bears or the crabs or the fish - but about the sheer hypocrisy -


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