Sunday, September 14, 2008

McCain Throws Hissy-Fit - "My Way or the Lie-Way" we have it. John McCain, when confronted on The View by woman in lipstick about his current spate of lies and half-truths, blamed Barak Obama's refusal to hold joint "Town Hall Meetings" as being responsible for the current tenor of McCain's campaign.

McCain later was pressed on the increasingly derisive tone of the campaign and his new television commercial that carries the widely discredited claim Obama supported comprehensive sex education for kindergartners as an Illinois state senator.

McCain defended the ad's claims as well as those of a Web ad that said Obama's "lipstick on a pig" comments were directed at Palin. He added that the tone of the campaign might have been more amicable if Obama had agreed to his proposals for a series of town-hall meetings.

"If we had done what I asked Sen. Obama to do, I don't think you'd see the same tenor of this campaign," he said. "Why don't you ask Obama the next time he's on this show why won't he be in town meetings with me?"


Leigh Russell said...

Is this 'lipstick on a pig' issue getting a little out of proportion? ! It's become global news. We've been reading about it in the UK.
I notice you read Jeffery Deaver. My editor recently mentioned that she edits his writing!

Lo said...

It's totally out of proportion, Leigh. Embarassingly so.

I love Jeffery Deaver. I love all books of that genre.

Exciting to think that you are entering the realm!! Good for you and congratulations.

Keep me posted on when and where we may read the first of your series, please.