Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Last Two Days

Oy.....this blogging thing is not so easy, is it? At least not for the computer-illiterate - of which I am numbered. I've literally spent huge chunks of two days simply trying to add links. (Although now that I've accomplished my grandiose goal, I must admit, even if no one else ever uses them, I love the idea of being able to reach many of my own favorite places in one easy access.)

Now that I've impressed myself with my own abilities, I'm thinking of adding a few blogs as links. There are four or five blogs which I tend to read often and enjoyably. I'm not sure of the etiquette of doing so, however. I'm thinking maybe I should ask first....which is a problem because I really don't know these people at all...other than what I've read here. I'll wait on that one, I think. I'm tired of html anyhow.

I discovered blogging accidently. I'd read about it, true, but I'd never actually considered doing it myself. Who'd care, yanno? I was googling myself a few weeks ago (ugh, right?) and I came across three unfamiliar sites which seemed to have mentioned my name. One was a rather vivid porn site - but that ended up not being me at all....fortunately. The other two were blogs. I have to admit, it was a total kick to find out that perfect strangers had somehow run across my poetry and thought enough of it to add a link to it on their own personal site. It meant much more than if a friend had done so......friends HAVE to say they like you, strangers don't have to like you at all...nor do they have to pretend to, either.

Perhaps I've answered my own question there. They didn't ask me, so maybe I don't have to ask them. <> I don't know, tho, just because I didn't mind (on the contrary, I was flattered) they may not feel the same way. I'll still wait. Besides, I still don't feel up to more html.

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