Monday, December 12, 2005

And the good news is........

Wheee...I forgot. I received an email today from Harvey Stanbrough, the editor of Raintown Review. The new issue will be out in February of 2006 and I've got three poems in it. One sonnet and two rondeau. I am especially pleased with the rondeau acceptances - simply because the guidelines say "please don't send us any rondeau". I love the form...and I tend to play with it frequently. It's not very well known and it's definitely not very well received (to say nothing of the fact that it's a bitch to write) The fact that Harvey accepted them both makes me feel like I did a damn fine job of it. Not only did I manage to write two good"form" poems, I managed to write them well enough to overcome an editor's natural distrust of the form itself. I'm glad I found the courage to send them to him. I wasn't going to. After all, the guidelines said not to and who am I to disobey guidelines? I did ask his permission first, tho. :) I'm not that brave.

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