Thursday, May 29, 2008

If You Even Think About Driving Drunk

I was a medic for a whole lot of years - both on an ambulance and in a moderately busy ER. I've seen things and cleaned things that are, basically, untellable and unimaginable.

And yet, reading
this story
sent chills through my spine. I've seen decapitations - they're not pretty. In fact, they're probably the single most horrible sight in the world - and the thought of some mother, someone like me, someone like you, someone like us - sitting by the side of some dark road holding her baby's severed head in her lap - and then refusing to give it up - and then finally handing it to the baby's uncle so she can tend to her remaining family members, each of whom was also terribly injured - my mind just shuts down.

What this woman will relive - what her family will relive - what the medics and firefighters and police officers will relive each and every day of their lives is almost more than I can bear to even imagine.

And all because some 24 year old man got drunk and got into his car and turned the key and drove away.

Two of his victims lost their lives instantly.

One man lost a leg.

One man broke his back.

Several others suffered numerous and severe injuries.

And one young mother, sitting in the dirt on the side of a road, got to kiss the severed head of her 7 year old daughter good-bye.

He got 18 years in jail.

He's appealing his sentence.

They're stuck with theirs.

Don't drive drunk.

Please don't drive drunk.


Eric Valentine said...

Spine chilling......... Good post & I couldn't agree more..

Anonymous said...

It is about time drunk drivers are prosecuted with the same intensity as child molesters/pedophiles. Drunk drivers do more harm that this other class of felons, yet are given extra chances. The paper is full of two, three, four, and even five offense drunk drivers getting just a fine, losing their license (which doesn't actually STOP them from driving), and having to take a driving course.

Anonymous said...

I read this it gives tears to my eyes. Losing a loved one to that is the most horrable thing anybody could face. People who drink and drive who are gulity of murder should be given death penalty. Really sad about this family and I give them my Greatest wishes of hope and God.