Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Moran Church and Mass Stupidity

Ok, I admit it, I am an elitist snob when it comes to grammar and spelling. Not so elitist that I can't deal with the occasional misspelled word or the inevitable typo (Lord knows I make them with amazing regularity) - but enough of one that it makes me cringe to read most of the "reader responses" which are attached to news-stories on The Internet.


Stupid is as stupid want to be. How sad to be so wanted to be looked at that you will damn neer kill your self hope you got your look at me fix.

33 words, right? And without even trying hard, I count 3 really simple-word spelling/compound word errors, 2 missing words and 4 missing punctuation marks.

That's 9 mistakes in 2 (should be 3) sentences. I'm not a math whiz but jeez - that's a lot!!

Here's one more -
Some body pissed in the gene here all the crap and lies abaout drugs and they stop beliveing adults what is right and they get more stupid...Did youlisten to the stupid women who are so brainwashed in the MORAN CHURCH Polygamy cwenter...they are in mental out space........religion really is the cause for mass stupidity

Some body? Kids here? Abaout? beliveing? youlisten? cwenter? Mental out space?? MORAN CHURCH?

And this person is railing about mass stupidity??? Kinda makes you wonder what church he goes to, doesn't it?

It's so sad to think that these opinions and remarks are made not by 3rd graders but by adults....and most likely they are adults with decent jobs and what passes for reasonable intelligence in an oral setting. It's even sadder to think that the people writing these things believe that they may have a chance at swaying public opinion with their crudely spelled, badly worded and poorly punctuated pronouncements.

It's even sadder when you remember all of these remarks are being made on a computer - and all computers have a common function.

It's called spell-check. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

And with that - I am off for Passover in New Jersey.

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