Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little Lies Don't Count When Hillary's Doing the Counting

Hillary says she's winning the popular election because............."as of today, I have received more votes by the people who have voted than anybody else, and I am proud of that. It's a very close race, but if you count, as I count, the 2.3 million people who voted in Michigan and Florida, then we are going to build on that."

Which would be well and fine if, several months ago, she had not entered into an agreement with Barak Obama, John Edwards and the entire Democratic Party that the cast-too-early-in-violation-of-party-rules votes in Michigan and Florida should not/would not/did not count. Hillary herself said "Michigan doesn't count for anything." Hillary was the only Democrat on the damn ballot in Michigan - Obama and Edwards having both had the decency to remove their names from an illegal primary election. Interestingly enough Demoocrats in Michigan had a choice between Hillary and "uncommitted" and "uncommitted" won 45% of the popular vote.

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Hopefully, it's going to be a moot point since Obama is projected to win in most of the remaining primarys and will not only maintain the correctly reported "popular vote" lead that he holds now but he will also overtake even Hillary's Michigan and Florida inflated count.

I just don't understand how, since she apparently has no problem breaking deals or going back on her word with her own party, people don't seem to think that she'd have a problem breaking deals or going back on her word with people/countries/governments in general.

Are her supporters that trusting or are they just that naive? Anyone who ever winced at the pity being poured upon a victimized Hillary when Bill finally 'fessed up, anyone who ever wondered how on earth a spouse could be so blindly unsuspecting, anyone who ever wondered how one person will not/cannot see their own betrayal coming - they all better be ready to not just sympathize with and/or admire Hillary's strength in the face of disgrace, but to BECOME Hillary.

Because if by some miracle she gets elected - it'll be her supporters turn in the dupe-chair.

LATE POST: More about the amazing flip-flopping, vote-mongering, mind-changing Hillary on Slate.

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