Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eratosphere Update

Since it appears that every other visitor here has been searching for information on "Eratosphere" I thought I'd perform a public service announcement for those people who, like myself, are lost without the old familiar Internet haunt.

The site was apparently hacked late Sunday/early Monday by someone calling himself some sort of Saudi-Hacker and serious damage to the server resulted from the attack.

There's much more detailed information available at Dr Whoop-Ass's Poetry Roundup. It's filled with technical terms like virus and corrupted and configuration and time bombs.

I have to admit, I understand viral entities like Ebola and SARS much better than I understand computer ones.

I understand enough, however, to know that both types are extremely dangerous and potentially deadly - and recovery from either is time consuming and filled with major difficulties and set-backs.

As of Monday evening, Alex sent word through an Erato-Mod that he was working virtually around the clock and had hopes of rebuilding the entire system and being back in business within a few days.

I have no idea what's involved in reconstructing an entire server but I don't imagine it's anything even remotely simple.

I have a new respect for Alex as well as for the word "addiction."

I'm jonesing.

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