Monday, March 31, 2008

Eating Crow and Box Kitties

Oh hell, if I quit blogging, I've got to quit taking cat pictures....and then what would I do for fun?

Besides, once I calmed down, I found I HAD saved my sidebar information - just in case I lost it in the upgrade (which, of course, I did.) So, I spent a few hours converting hard-learned HTML back to plain English and eliminated a whole bunch of links and TA!DA!! a sidebar of sorts.

So - here's box kitty and I guess I'm back.

Thanks to everyone who wrote here or emailed me.....I appreciated your support.


Patti said...

Glad yer back!

Lo said...

Hey...I was gone a really long time, wasn't I?

I am such a moron.

Eric Valentine said...

Good for you.. Welcome back.. :)

Julie Carter said...