Friday, March 21, 2008

Eratosphere In Exile

There is a Temporary 'Sphere here for those who can't live without it.....sign-up is quick, easy and free.

There is a recently published poem by Dan Halberstein here and if you like your poetry bloody-well rare and oozing satire, this is the kind of meaty stuff you can really sink your teeth into. (Read the poem and you'll understand.)

There is a newly-found poetry blog by G. H. Palmer here with all sorts of interesting opinions and links.

There is a contest winner announcement here but, alas, it is not me. I did make the first cut but lost it in the home stretch. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. (Which is only metaphorically true. The truth is, I've never been a bridesmaid and I've been a bride three times....which just goes to show you that I make a better wife than I do a poet.)

I recently noticed that Jessica Smith's Look/Touch blog which I used to link to and occasionally read before it went "private" has now gone semi-private (for lack of a better word) with a twist - the "private" parts are now available to the general public for a yearly fee of $6.00. People are puzzling over it here. Jessica herself explains it here although in the first link she does say that it's mainly for her "friends and fans." My question is - who charges their friends to read their private thoughts? I thought that's what made them friends in the first place - the fact that they are willing to listen to us rant about our problems for free. She also says she needs the money. I dunno - when I needed money, I went out and got a second job....I may have driven my friends crazy whining about how tired I was but at least I didn't charge them for the privilege.

Interesting concept, though....any opinions on personal blogs created on a free web server charging admission?


Renata said...

My blog is frequently so private and embarrassing that I feel I should pay people to come read it. I wouldn't pay to read a blog. I don't even pay to read newspapers. But remember what P.T. Barnum.

Lo said...

Ha...apparently it IS private - I can't find it anywhere.

Now you've got me curious - not curious enough to pay to find it, but still - curious.