Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T. O. Taken to Hospital For Allergic Reaction

Reports: T.O. taken to ER for allergic reaction

"Cowboys coach Bill Parcells previously has said that Owens' pain medication had made him ill.

Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT, citing sources it did not identify, reported that Owens was taken to Baylor University Medical Center by a fire rescue crew, and that doctors were trying to induce vomiting. "

I'll tell ya what.....I worked in an ER for 13 years and on an ambulance for 10....not once did I ever see anyone induce vomiting for an "allergic reaction."

I've seen oxygen given, I've seen Benedryl given, and Epi, as well as certain helpful steroids......but mostly it just takes time and systemic support until the symptoms dissipate and the offending agent leaves your blood stream.....if your patient is sick enough that he doesn't have time, you intubate him and manually or artificially support his respiratory system until the allergens have left his system and he does have time.

Those are your standard allergic reaction protocols.....inducing vomiting is not part of the protocol or standard treatment. As far as I know, inducing vomiting isn't going to do a damn thing to reduce the effects or alleviate the misery of an allergic reaction. Not a thing.

There are, of course, other conditions which do warrant the administration of an emetic. Offhand, I can think of two - one is accidental and one is intentional.

An "allergic reaction" is not one of the two.

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