Thursday, September 21, 2006

Long Time Runnin.....'s been weeks since I've written anything here, hasn't it? Don't rightly know why, either. I'm just burnt on a lot of things lately....and poetry is one of them.

However, this afternoon, in an attempt to once again do something about it, I found a submission announcement for a poetry reading in Chicago on October 6th and I thought, "What the hell..." and Dan and I both sent in a few poems for consideration....and whadda ya know? Within hours both of us are readin' in Chicago on October 6th. Got round-trip weekend plane tickets and a car waitin' and everything already.

I'm getting psyched already!!! Poetry and family all in the same weekend. My son will be picking us up at the ungodly hour of 715AM on the day of the reading, we'll take him to work and keep his car for our own personal enjoyment and transportation. (It's not like he never took mine, yanno....oh wait, he never did, I didn't let him. Opps!!) Then it's off to my mom's surprise her with our presence for the next three days. Yep, that's right, it's a no-tell visit!! Hopefully she'll be pleased and even more hopefully, she won't have a stroke at seeing her long lost daughter without prior notification.

Besides being the perfect excuse to run home and see the family again, the poetry reading sounds extremely interesting in it's own's sponsered by The Poets for Peace and Justice and it's part of a Special Day of Reckoning being held across the country by The World Can't Wait—Drive Out the Bush Regime people. If there's anything I like better than maudlin depressive poetry, it's hot angry political poetry.

And so....what's not to be psyched about? Poetry, protest, people I love and and (since it IS Chicago, after all) the fourth "P" which will set my entire world right....real honest-to-goodness midwestern-style PIZZA!!! (The stuff they try to pass off here in Virginia as "Chicago Style Pizza" is just NOT any pizza I've ever eaten in Chicago.)

Edwardo's, Aurilio's, Sanfrantello's, the hometown pizza possibilities are absolutally endless.

This is lookin' more and more like it's going to be an absolutally wonderful October weekend.

Speaking of wonderful - there's a new blog of note -- Pearls Before Swine.

And speaking of weekends --- Hראש השנה --- or, in other words,
Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!!

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