Thursday, August 10, 2006

Unfinished Conversational Rondeau

Forgive Me, Love

Forgive me, Love, for words unsaid -
for letters written, never read -
for poems I write and then erase-
for all the walls I keep in place -
For barriers I've built in dread.

Some fantasies are best unfed,
some truth's are tales that liars spread.
Some day I'll leave without a trace.
Forgive me, Love.

For dragons underneath my bed -
for demons writhing in my head -
for all my strange and savage grace -
for every tear that streaks my face -
for all the fears I'll never shed -
Forgive me, Love.


jenclair said...

I always love rondeaus and villanelles; the repetition and rhythm, I guess. The last stanza is especially good, and I love the line "for all my strange and savage grace."

bizele said...

the words of your poem are so true in my life at the moment. i liked it.

Dana said...

You do rhyme so well. It's a pleasure to read your poems.