Thursday, February 02, 2006

Trying Something Out

Poems removed for rewrite....maybe.

Not sure what I want to do with these. They were top-heavy with the introductions, but not strong enough to stand without them. I'm actually kicking around the idea of trying my hand at short-story writing - with the poems as either opening or closing statements. Pretty lofty thinking for me, since I've never written a story in my life. But then again, 6 years ago I'd not written a poem, either.
I don't real plans at this point, only the smallest glimmer of a thought/wish.


Usernamelost said...

I'm reluctant to step on your tongue here. There is no retreat from the clock, the symptons, the endless ends. I would "pay the ferry's fee" if it would stop the haunting recollections.


Michelle e o said...

I thought this was an extremely insteresting write. You let the reader see a more technical part of trauma, then led into your words/thoughts/emotions as a poet.

I felt so many different things while reading them. Fear, sadness, compassion, anger etc. But oddly I felt like I was in a private place that I shouldn't have been in.

And that's where the interesting part came in.

You are on to something with these and I think you should go for it.