Saturday, February 25, 2006

Take a moment for Sheryl Crow -

and for my Aunt Marge, for my Aunt Violet, for my cousin Jill, for my friend Nancy, for my former co-worker, also Nancy, for my best friend's sister, for Sharon who worked in radiology, for my boyfriend's ex-wife, and for all of the women across the world who have fought, who are fighting, or who have, unfortunately, already lost their battle.....and then ask yourself, how many "moments" have they lost....and how many more do we all have to give up before a cure is found and the war won.....and then ask yourself what you can do.


benevolent garden
one foreign seed draws first breath
inhale - divide

three spores are scattered
six cells seek sanctuary
exhale - multiply

malignant conception
each silent new spawn mutates
inhale - exhale

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Michelle e o said...

This is great Lo. I don't always comment but I always make sure I stop by to see what you're up to.