Monday, September 26, 2011


Ugh. The poetry world sucks.

It recently came to my attention that a blog post of mine from 2007 has been taken out of context and reprinted in The Hypertexts in at least two different places.

I've written the following letter to Michael Burch, the editor there and hopefully he will remove the posts as well as take down my page there.

There are people, places and things I do not care to be associated with - The Hypertexts is all three.

Dear Mr. Burch,

It has come to my attention that you've reprinted a blog post of mine from 2007 at least twice in The Hypertexts. Neither time have you bothered to link to the post in question, thus denying people the opportunity to read my post in surrounding context or have you asked my permission to use my name or quote my words.

I did not ask to nor do I not wish to be involved in your petty little war with Eratosphere or the people there.

If you had bothered to ask me why I left Eratosphere for a short time in 2007 I would have been happy to tell you that it was most due to a difference of opinion with several posters there at the time - only one of whom remains today. I've been a member in good standing there for many years and my leave-taking was quite temporary.

In fact, the interview in which you most recently used my blog post for as "evidence" of discontent with Eratosphere was an interview with one of the people I most had problems with and who was one of the posters who was most instrumental in my decision to leave temporarily.

There was a time when I would have expected more of you - but not now and not any longer.

Your site has consistently been turning into a political/religious arena and remains little more than a vanity site and a place for you and those of like opinion to air their petty grievances against a poetry world which should be big enough for all of us but somehow is not.

If you would, at the very least, care enough to be honest in your hatred you will remove my blog posts from these two pages Interview with Janet Kenny.
Eratosphere & The Response.

and while you are at it, please remove my page from you list of contemporary poets.
Laura Heidy, Poet,Poetry, Picture

I do not like the company which surrounds me and I do not wish to be associated with such mean-spirited and petty people and practices.

Thank you,

Laura Heidy


Mr. Burch has agreed to remove anything with my name on it from his site. He replied prompty and politely - for which I am grateful.


Eric Valentine said...

good for you :))

Gail White said...

In all these years, I've never understood what the problem was with Janet Kenny. I suppose I never will.