Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two New Poems in PoetryRevolt

I've just gotten confirmation from Dr. Maryke Cramerus, the editor of The Poetry Revolt that she's accepted two recently written poems of mine for the next issue of, well duh, The Poetry Revolt, of course.

It's been a long time since I've submitted anything anywhere - and an even longer time since I've had a acceptance.

Very nice magazine, very nice editor. She was very enthusiastic and positive about the poems and she very tactfully suggested some painless changes which turned out to be real improvements. It's really hard for me, as an author, to accept ( much less acknowledge) requested changes but I did want to call attention to the fact that here's one editor who really knows her "stuff" and who knows how to approach even tempermental and opinionated old hags like myself.

Anyhow, I've made the changes and the poems (Shooting Ducks and For Elizabeth)are on their way to publication.

Feels good. Looks like hard work is worth something.

Smells like vindication!!


Julie Carter said...

I love taking a look at journals where people I know get accepted and I have to say, that one intimidates me. The guidelines are so explicit, yet I don't know really what they mean.

In any case, congrats!

Stu said...

Acceptances are always a good feeling... congrats!

Lo said...

I'm not sure what they really mean, either, Julie. Send 'em something - nuttin to lose and everything to gain. They take email submissions and really, what's easier than that? I've read your poetry, I think it'd fit nicely in this particular journal.

Mostly because your stuff is good - but just as importantly - it's honest.


Lo said...

Thanks, Stu. It's always exciting to be part of something new, too, so this is double the joy for me.