Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mo' Boards

It's May and Poetry Boards are springing up like Hydra's head!!

Dr. WhupAss's Bitch Ass Poetry Round-Up is not limited to poetry and, much like Eratosphere, it has a double function and duel boards which encourage free speech as well as free verse.

There's a rather lively discussion about what constitutes a
Real Poet going on over at Eratosphere. I'm afraid I lost my temper once again.

And finally, for the eyeroll factor alone, I am including the story of The Judge Who Lost His Pants and Wants To Sue the Cleaners For $65 MILLION Dollars. Only in DC, yanno?

God, I miss Indiana!!!


Quincy said...


I ask this on behalf of Dr. Whup-Ass, you understand. He tells me that he has been scratching his head over your statement that the Round-Up "has a double function and duel boards which encourage free speech as well as free verse." He doesn't disagree necessarily, but he's not sure what it means.


Lo said...

My Dear Quincy,

Please tell the Good Dr. Whup-Ass that I meant no disrespect.

I was simply trying to distinguish his board from the other new board which does not have a "discusion" function such as The Round-Up does. One can also sign up to join The Round-Up without waiting for administrative approval. (As far as I know, anyhow, correct me if I am wrong on that one, however.)

"Free speech" was probably a bad choice of words on my part. In case you and Dr. W-U haven't noticed, I have a tendency to shoot myself in the mouth every time I stick my foot into the kettle.

I was also being somewhat of a smart-ass because I have had to turn "blog author approval" onto my own comments here due to some poster who calls himself, of all things, "anon." and apparently keeps thinking I will let inflammatory comments stand.

I am very much enjoying both new boards and am much appreciative of people such Carol, Robt and Dr. Whup-Ass who have had the energy and the faith to begin them.