Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's "Poetry Thursday" - Again

Poetry Thursday

Seeking Definition

You tell me love is more
than moments spent
too artlessly entwined.
You tell me "Love is Fire."
I say that hell is hell
because it's kept
too goddamn hot.
You tell me hell
does not exist
and pull away in ire.

I tell you "Love is gentle
heat - The smallest embers
will survive." We agree to
disagree and love's left undefined.
These, I think
are moments.
You brush the hair
back from my eyes.

We settle back more cautiously
and watch the clock unwind.


Dani said...

"Love's left undefined." That's how my husband and I maintain a happy marriage! Once we start comparing ourselves to other couples, we fight like mad. Denial serves us well :-).

jim said...

All these "is" statements, so perfect in the argument that never gets resolved--the ending makes it work all the better, too.

wendylou who? said...

hell is hell.
Really like that line...