Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good Things Come In Pairs of Two

My beloved Sea Lions are so "last week's news" -

They were good last week - but here's two good things for this week.

A friend of mine, Rose Kelleher, (who is a great formal poet in her own right) has put together a comprehensive listing of poetry venues which are "form friendly." While it's not too terribly difficult to find places to submit free verse it is much more agonizing and time-consuming to locate those few and far-between publications which appreciate the more formal varieties of poetry. Rose has somehow completed the herculean task of assembling many (if not most) of them in one place....and she's done so in her usual clear, concise and easily-understood manner. If you're a formalist, or if you've ever dreamed of becoming one, check it out - Venues for Formal Poetry

Secondly, I received an e-mail this week from a very poetry-passionate woman named Diana who is involved in something called Famous Poets and Poems.

Not only does she appear to be a very energetic and enthusiastic person, the site itself is also energetic and enthusiastic. Lots and lots of great poems and poets -and interestingly enough, many of them are also noteworthy and/or notorious "Formalists".

Let's hear it for rhyme and form!!! Two For One this week!! It almost makes up for having to work for a living and (once again) missing the formalist conference in West Chester, Pa.

Visit them both. It'll make for a Happy Saturday.

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