Friday, December 23, 2011

How Can Ron Paul Justify

his old newsletters, written in his name and published in a newsletter named after him as something "he didn't write and didn't read?"

Even a half-ass, mediocre, rarely published poet/writer like myself is very careful to always know where I'm publishing, who I'm publishing with and who else is routinely published in any given magazine or Internet site.

I spend time researching before I submit a poem or an article. I've been known to pull poems right before publication and to have poetry already published on Internet Sites removed if and when I suddenly find out that the media outlet in question has a reputation for also publishing racist, sexist or religiously bigoted poems or who has a habit of publishing work of artists who are racist, sexist or religiously bigoted people.

It's my name, yanno? It's what I have. It's who I am. Where I publish defines me almost as much as what I publish.

In the same vein, what an editor or a newsletter owner publishes also defines them.

Face it, Howard Hefner is not a chaste individual. Nor does anyone who's ever read Playboy expect him to be. "The Catholic Digest" is not going to publish articles promoting Judaism. The "Jewish Poetry Monthly" is not going to print a lot of poems praising Jesus.

If you read my blog you expect to read about me. Or about things I believe in. If my name is on an article posted here or elsewhere, you are going to expect that I've written it myself - or, at the very least, have taken the time to read and approve the content thoroughly enough that I fully support every idea that it contains.

Thus it is with a newsletter called, "The Ron Paul Newsletter."

I don't know what's worse - to think that he was aware of everything his newsletters contained or that he wasn't.

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