Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ex. New Jersey Govenor McGreedy

Ex-Governor Jim McGreevey, who left a great paying job as Governor of New Jersey is now claiming that, due to his entering a seminary at the age of 50 while being supported by his lover, he can only afford to pay $100.00 a month (Yep, you read that right $100.00 a MONTH) in child support.

Perhaps Mr. 50 Years Old Looking For A Second Career isn't too good at math. Perhaps he doesn't understand that $100.00 a month translates to $23.80 a week...or $3.40 a day.

In other words, if Dad has his way, his child will be able to eat at Taco Bell twice a day - so long as said child eats from the 79 cent value meal and drinks nothing but tap water.

It's nice Mr. McGreevey's finally found his life's calling - being a minister is surely good work - it'd be nicer, however, if he manned up and realized, like millions of other parents have realized, that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do - which is not necessarily gonna be what you wanna do. Supporting your children to the best of your ability would probably be a good way to start a do-gooding career. The question is, how do you minister unto others if you cannot, will not, minister unto your own? Has Mr. McGreevey never heard of the phrases "second job" or "part time job?"

Many parents would love to switch jobs, many parents would love the luxury of being supported by a new lover while going to school - virtually all of them realize that with parenthood comes responsibility - and their dreams remain dreams and reality becomes working their asses off in order to give their children a better world than the one they had to live in.

That includes divorced women, single women, widowed women, lesbians, divorced men, single men, widowed men and gay men. One would think that would include ex-governors, too.

Apparently it doesn't. Not in New Jersey, anyhow.

I'd like to see Mr. McGreedy live on $3.40 a day.

Really I would.

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Anonymous said...

That's certainly not a large sum of money. But it is entirely possible for that sum to go up once he is properly embarked on his liturgical career. (Whether someone who entered a marriage under false pretenses should be a cleric is another matter). And shouldn't the mother be kicking something in? Or is just being female enough? I note your use of the term "manning up". And while at the end you make a fair effort to include all genders and orientations, I still wonder if you be this outraged if the Governor was the Mom, not the Dad. There's still a definite double standard in child support.