Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Someone's Playing Stupid on Wikipedia

Within the last 48 hours there was a crudely worded reference on a rather disgusting blog to a wonderfully talented female poet having twice won The Nemerov Sonnet award by virtue of possessing talents other than poetic.

Within the last 24 hours there was a post on the same blog which referred to another well-respected woman poet as a "poetasteress and hybrid human-cow" and which requested her to get off of her "bovine ass."

Knowing both of these ladies as well as I do, and knowing that virtually no one finds the obscure blog in question interesting enough to read very often, I tend to find this all rather amusing. For some reason, the farther from the truth one gets the funnier I find it. Maybe I'm just weird that way, but I think most people would agree with me. Lies and accusations are not humorous when there's a even a kernel of truth in them - but when they're totally outrageous they just can't be taken too damn seriously.

So that kind of childish stuff is just funny. The Internet's full of childish stupidity - the Law of Averages says some of it's got to be funny.

The flip side of the same law, however, says that some of the information which can be found, even on the same subject, will fall into the "not quite so humorous" catagory.

Something like this, for instance.

For one thing, Wikipedia is not some obscure blog. Rightly or wrongly, people from all walks of life use Wikipedia as a kind of Internet-Encyclopedia and they trust it. The fact that anyone would choose to deliberately include dishonest and/or misleading information is utterly unconscionable. The fact that it's gone unchallenged since last July is just ice on the disgusting cake.

For another thing, The Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award established in 1994, has always been one of the more prestegious and sought-after awards for formalist poets and The Formalist first published in 1990, was, from the first issue to the last, a first-rate and highly respected publication, as is the current benefactor/administrator of The Nemerov Sonnet Prize, Measure. To see any of them portrayed in any light other than favorable is just painful.

To further clarify things, neither publication is related (or akin) to the imaginary "It's Talon Time" or the very real "Highlights For Children" Nor was there an award given for "It's Talon Time, Bitch" by a fictitious Michael Plittman in 1993. The Nemerov, as stated above, was not even established until a year later - in 1994.

And just in case you didn't already know it - the judges for The Nemerov Award are now and have always been well-known and well-respected poets - not some secret tribunal committee composed of horse doctors.

I hate to ruin someone's childish fun, but I'm gonna notify both Wikipedia and Measure and hopefully this:

Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award was established in 1978 by The Formalist. The winner, usually selected from about 3,000 entrants, receives $1,000 and publication. Beginning in 2006 the winner will appear in It's Talon Time!, a successor publication akin to Highlights for Children also published in Evansville, Indiana.

The award is administered by a secret board of veterinarians.

will be gone soon.

It's my good deed for the day.

Besides that, I really do enjoy stomping the annoying little buzz of idiots. I'm such a taloning-telling little bitch that way.


Anonymous said...

Unconscionable, I may be, though I prefer to think of myself as a just a misunderstood maker of obscure jokes. I certainly never intended to bring the Nemerov award into disrepute. Hell, I had never even HEARD of the thing until stumbling across the article on Wikipedia. Just a little harmless fun. Another of my hobbies is googling myself. Imagine my surprise when I came across your blog. While I confess I never actually won the Nemerov, I must insist to you that I am very real, as is my "Talon Time" sonnet. Like Pinocchio, I may lie sometimes, but I am a very real boy.
The very UN-fictious Michael Plittman

Anonymous said...

I must protest your deflamatory rhetoric, I know that Michael Plittman lives, because I am his mother. Do I need to forward his birth certificate or can you come out of your addlesd hairsprayed fog to sense reality. please respond or be probated Your future and society's well being is dependent upon your response. Are you oriented in all 3 spheres? MUTTER

Lo said...

Well, there you have it, folks. I was wrong. Apparently, Micheal Plittman is not fictitous. He lives and breathes----and his hobby is adding bogus information to Wiki pages when he's not busy with his other hobby, which is googling himself.

Sorry, Michael. Sorry, Michael's mother. I just really didn't believe anyone would be so foolish as to add their own name with easily provable false information to a respectable web site.

Oh well, live and learn, die and forget it all.


P.S. I've never so much as touched a can of hairspray in my lifetime.

Radish King said...

That fact that anyone would use Wikipedia as a kind of Internet-Encyclopedia and actually trust it strikes me as ludicrous.

Lo said...

True enough....although I, personally, kinda like Wikipedia.

I keep forgetting there are people who don't take the opportunity to share information seriously.

Funny video - thank you.