Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Poet and Critic"

Allright! A new workshopping board for metrical poets!!!

Not only that - but a new workshopping board for metrical poets who don't feel like wading through tons of personality crap and bullshit cliques to get there.

One with the focus on poetry rather than on popularity.

What more can a misfit metricist like myself ask for?

Poet and Critic


Anonymous said...
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Lo said...

sigh Sorry,'ll have to have to courage sign your name to a comment that inflamatory if you expect it to remain standing. I'm sure you're not alone in your irritation but nevertheless, there's kind ways to say so and unkind ways to say so. That was particularily unkind.

Julie Carter said...

I guess I don't see the new board as free of cliques, etc. since it appears that people have to be members of one to be allowed admittance. Still, whatever floats anyone's boat.

Lo said...

Ach, Julie, I'm not sure you have to be a member of any "clique" to be allowed admittance. Like virtually every other board worth it's salt (Gaz and Erato, to mention two by name), membership does require approval, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I'm watching another board which just began which does NOT undertake a quick "background" check and it's already been up for grabs a time or two already.

As you say, however, whatever floats....I just have a personal preference for boards which try to keep a check on dominating (and domineering) presences. That's just me, tho, weak-willed woman that I am.



Julie Carter said...

Weak-willed? Ha!

I hope the new forum is a success. I think the world can always use more options.

Lo said...

You're right...I am not weak-willed...I am a friggin LADYBUG!!