Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Poem for Elizabeth

Elizabeth Siddall Rossetti

For Elizabeth Siddall Rossetti
Who Suffered and Died and Was Buried
For the Sake of Everyone Else's Art

And when the artist says, "Don't move"
do you laugh a febrile laugh
or do you shiver at the fantasy
of faking ancient death?
Does your pale flesh crawl as you draw
that last warm breath
submerged as you are (impeccably dressed)
inside a tub as cold as Satan's soul?
At what grave cost do you suppress
each wracking ragged cough?

Poor Ophelia-Necrophilia!

Eventually you'll find the love
you think you've missed.
It's painted in the poppies
in the bouquet at your wrist.


Anonymous said...

"Poor Ophelia-Necrophilia." Indeed! It was nice to stumble across this - this morning.


Lo said...

Mous-Man!!! Speak to me!!!