Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fusion Poetry Slam-a-Thon

I took part in a very well run Internet (AOL) poetry "Slamathon" a few weeks ago......and got this really neat winner's shirt in the mail today. Thank you, Fusion Poetry People!! I wish I could have gone on to compete in the semi-finals but the final grand "Slam-Off" (should I have advanced that far in the second round) is being held on December 16th, which is Hanukkah for me and I'll be in Jersey celebrating with family. I didn't want to commit to something I couldn't participate in and so I didn't sign up for the extended rounds. Good luck to whoever wins, though - genuine cash prizes involved!!!


GEL said...

Mazel tov! I'll also be celebrating Channukkah (let's see how many different ways that is spelled ;) then.
I didn't know of the contest. Very cool t-shirt!
(found you randomly through blogger search)

GEL said...
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GEL said...

Enjoyed the "artist" poem of yours since I'm an artist. Will be back to visit your site.